Katya Mihailova is a composer for film and media based in New York City. She is a British Academy Television Craft Awards (BAFTA) 2018 Original Score Nominee and a Film Composer Fellow at the Sundance Institute.

Coming from a background of classical piano and chamber music, Katya’s compositions ranges from solo piano to experimental electronic, from orchestral to folk, intuitively interacting with the visual  element, and at times, contributing a necessary ingredient to storytelling.

Katya composed original scores and contributed her works to a number of documentaries, features and shorts. Notably: “Born Free”, a British-Russian documentary produced by twice-Oscar-nominated producer, Mike Lerner, for Channel 4 in Britain; “Russian Woodpecker”, a documentary by Chad Gracia that earned the Grand Jury prize at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival; “Living Legend”, a film by Alonso Llosa that premiered at the Hampton’s Film Festival in 2015 and has since been acquired by the HBO, “The Rain Collector” by Bella Wing-Davey that premiered at the London Short Film Festival in January 2016, “Warrior” by Gene Pina, which premieres at the Beverly Hills Film Festival in 2018 — and many others.

Katya’s recent notable projects include scores for a Libyan-British documentary "Freedom Fields” (2018) and a Peruvian narrative feature film “The Restoration” (2019).

Photo by AM Media Group

Photo by AM Media Group

Katya is originally from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. In 2017, her musical score to “Song for the Nomad” directed and filmed by Ben Sturgulewski in Kyrgyzstan for DPS Cinematic won BEST SOUND at Kendal Mountain Film Festival. She has recently scored a National Geographic documentary “My dear Kyrgyzstan” directed by Noam Argov and Alex Pritz.

She holds Masters Degree from the Manhattan School of Music in piano performance. After taking a course in Music Technology at the Juilliard, Katya was chosen to become a composer fellow at the Sundance Music and Sound Design Lab 2016 at Skywalker Ranch under top industry composers Oswaldo Golijov and George S. Clinton.

Katya’s in-production projects include, “Sex in Soviet Union” a feature film by Chad Gracia.



Society of Composers and Lyricists

Alliance for Women Film Composers

Sundance Music Institute, Fellow

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"Since an early age, I had an unrelenting case of synesthesia and a true love for cinematography and storytelling. My most meaningful musical inspiration comes from the narrative genre and visual atmosphere. Exploring non-traditional instruments like a mouth harp or a thumb piano, interweaving sound design elements with traditional string sounds, using “prepared piano” to sound like a percussion section of the orchestra — are just a few examples of musical explorations that stroke my curiosity and creativity as an artist."